M. Movahedi
Founder of Pi Time
What is Pi Time?

As everyone knows, social media plays really important roll in todays man life. Billions of people all around the world using social media to connect and share their ideas and experiences with others.

But social media has also down sides. Many people believe that they are addictive and losing their time by using them.

Well until now, yes. But from the moment you start using Pi Time, you are aware of every moment you have spent not only on social media but also in any part of your life. You are going to have a social media which is based on your goals and plans.

Why Pi Time?!
Sharing goals

Ability to share goals with friends is included in a feature called “Status-Timer”.

The fact that a goal is in a “status-timer” state means that the goal has been made public, which allows a user’s followers to join and participate in the published goal.

In PiTime is also possible to build communities based on goals.

Our latest posts
My Goals

The access path to this page is through the ‘‘home’’ and ‘‘profile’’ page. In this page you have access to a minimal calendar which allows you to see your goals based on the date and the way you have set them. After clicking on the month button you can also change the month of calendar to have more general view about your past and future goals.

With a simple scrolling you can find your goals and by clicking on them you find further informations about them or even other participants who joined or want to join with you. My Goal page is also the main way of having access to the Timer and Treasury page.

About Us

PiTime(Pronounce: ‘‘Pai-taim’’) is a new social media based on people goals. Every day or better to say every second of our lifetime is the most valuable asset of our life. It is limited and it will be ended one day. So, This is what led us to the idea of making the most of this valuable asset. And the right way is the way to being happy and the best happiness is when we achieve our goals. This is the reason why we built Pi time. A social media which helps people with same path and goals find and support each other to reach their goals.

PiTime is built by TechTik Co. team. TechTik is a foundation based on ambitious Teams of international graduate students all around the world. We try to develop high quality platforms based on great user-experience and top user-interfaces.

We proud to introduce the next generation of social media based on agile lifestyle called PiTime.